Survey: How can research reach a wider audience?

Help us find out more about dissemination of research!

Despite increased efforts with Open Access, a lot of research still does not see the light of day. It remains inaccessible to the general public as well as policy makers and even journalists for a variety of reasons. How can research be more accessible? And how can research in the social sciences and humanities reach out to a wider audience? wants to find out more about how people find information online and why research-based information often goes overlooked. How do you find information online? What prevents you from using academic or research-based content? And how do you gauge the credibility of different websites? Please fill in our online survey and let us know!

Everyone can take part in the survey, but we are particularly interested in hearing from journalists and students and teachers of Scandinavian Studies around the world. So, please click on the link below, it takes less than 10 minutes and your answers will be treated confidentially.

(It is completely anonymous and your answers will be treated in confidence).

Many thanks for your help!

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