Carolin Schütze

Carolin Schütze is a Postdoc at Copenhagen Business School. Her research interests include racial attitudes, welfare organization, welfare practices with migrants and the intersection of organizational factors and employee’s attitudes. You can find her on twitter: @caroschuetze and more information about Carolin can be found here.

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Attitudes of welfare professionals are not only shaped by societal or macro processes but also organisational conditions. Photo:

2019.10.31 | Article, Carolin Schütze, Labour markets, Research, Copenhagen Business School

It's relational: Racial attitudes in Swedish welfare institutions

Racial bias of staff at welfare institutions can result in negative outcomes for minority clients. Staff are not only professionals, but also individuals with personal beliefs and values. While the overriding organisational culture may be to give equal services to all clients, the attitude of staff and other work pressures might influence their…