Cornelia Fast

Cornelia Fast, M.Sc is a Junior Researcher in Environmental Policy Analysis at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Read more about Cornelia by clicking here.

She contributed to the following article along with Julia Grimm and Naghmeh Nasiritousi:


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Even companies that are dependent on fossil fuels are beginning to consider alternative ways of working. While national and international regulation helps, some are doing it voluntarily. Photo: Windmills, Lapland, Sweden., Johannes Jansson. CC BY-SA 4.0.

2020.06.23 | Article, Cornelia Fast, Julia Grimm, Naghmeh Nasiritousi, Business, Research, Sustainability

Addressing climate change the Nordic way: Motives of Swedish companies for taking action

It is Sweden’s goal to become one of the world’s first fossil fuel free welfare states, and many Swedish companies are voluntarily working to reduce their climate impact. The reasons for this are manifold; they primarily involve risk management, a sense of responsibility, management of reputation, and addressing the demands of various…