Johnni Langer

Johnni Langer is Professor with a PhD in History from the Federal University of Parana in Brazil. His research covers Medieval History, focusing on the following subjects: Viking Age History, Medieval Scandinavia, Norse Mythology, Old Norse Religion. He is currently the coordinator of NEVE (Nucleus of Vikings and Scandinavian Studies) and editor in chief of Scandia: Journal of Medieval Norse Studies. Click here to read more about Johnni Langer's work.

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British Library digitised image from page 496 of "Illustreret Danmarkshistorie for Folket" (Illustrated History of Denmark for the People). Photo: British Library, Flickr.

2021.05.26 | Article, Johnni Langer, The arts, Views of a Nordic Past

Valkyries and Danish national symbolism in the 19th century

Scandinavian goddesses, gods, and supernatural deities: nowadays it is common to encounter the Norse myths being popularized in the mass media, in electronic games, in cinema and art in general. But in past contexts, they also had a different status, used as elements in the history of nations, in public monuments, in political speeches and in…