Simon Mølholm Olesen

Simon Mølholm Olesen is currently pursuing a PhD in History at the School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University. His research interests include the Dano-Inuit colonial encounter, early modern Greenland history, and the decolonization of Greenland. You can read more about his publications and work here

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UN Member States were informed about Greenland's change of status from a colony to a county in 1954. Photo: Courtesy of UN publications.

2019.08.19 | Article, Simon Mølholm Olesen, Governance, Nation building

The Danish decolonisation of Greenland, 1945-54

An international discussion on decolonisation followed in the aftermath of the Second World War in the mid-1940s. The newly formed United Nations created some of the most important platforms for these discussions. Consequently, Danish politicians and civil servants feared that Greenland, the last of the Danish colonies, would attract negative…