Barbora Žiačková

Barbora Žiačková is a DPhil candidate at the University of Oxford, School of Archaeology. Her dissertation focuses on how so-called “oriental” objects found in graves from Sweden, Finland, and Russia were deployed in identity construction practices during the Viking Age. Read more about Barbora's work here.

Barbora wrote the following article with Saga Rosenström:

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The official logo of the Tough Viking Race, the largest Nordic Obstacle Race with participants ranging from elite athletes to regular men and women (Permission for use: the Tough Viking Race).

2021.03.24 | Outlook, Barbora Žiačková, Saga Rosenström, Gender

Pop culture, Vikings and historic Nordic gender equality?

Gender equality is a fundamental part of the Nordic brand, and right-wing political actors as well as extremists use ideas of gender equality in support of anti-immigrant and racist agendas. The pop culture image of Viking women as ‘independent’ and ‘equal to men’ provides one way in which gender equality as an aspect of Nordicness has gained…