Ilkka Kärrylä

Ilkka Kärrylä

Ilkka is a postdoctoral researcher in political history at the Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki. His research focus has been contemporary politics and political thought in Finland and Sweden, particularly with respect to the application of democracy to the economy and working life. You can read more about him by clicking here.

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Will the welfare services of Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden weather the economic crisis resulting from covid-19? Photo: distinctive Norwegian coin, Børge Sandnes,

2020.05.11 | Outlook, Ilkka Kärrylä, Public policy, Economy, University of Helsinki

Nordic public debt: the dangers of restricting public spending due to the covid-19 crisis

The prevailing economic doctrine in the Nordics and Europe has it that, the lower the public debt, the more room there is for economic stimulation in downturns, such as the current covid-19 crisis. Denmark, Norway and Sweden with their comparatively low levels of public debt were able to announce relatively large economic crisis packages fairly…