Michael Nobel Hviid

Michael Nobel Hviid is museum curator at Museum Kolding. He has a PhD in 17th century legal history, and his main research interests are in early modern legal, church and cultural history. Most recently, the history of epidemics has also been a research topic. You can see Michael's profile on danmarkshistorien.dk by clicking here.

Contributions to nordics.info

The Old Stock Exchange ('Børsen') in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was one of the many buildings built during the reign of Christian IV. Photo: Colourbox.

2020.12.02 | The Quick Read, Michael Nobel Hviid, Nation building, Branding, Aarhus University

Christian IV and the use of history

Christian IV (1577-1648), who ruled Denmark and its possessions from 1588-1648, is probably the most famous - and infamous - king in the history of Denmark. On the one hand, he is known as the longest reigning monarch, as the patron and creator of some of the country's most significant and spectacular buildings. On the other hand, he is also known…