Mikael Frausing

Mikael Frausing is a historian at the Danish Centre for Urban History. His research interests includes cultural heritage, tourism history and urban history stretching from the 19th century to today, and he is enthusiastically involved in public historical interpretation as an editor at the website danmarkshistorien.dk.  

He was a participant on the podcast Shaping the Nordic Past together with Wulf Kansteiner.

Contributions to nordics.info

Picture: Maiken Ingvordsen, Unsplash.

2021.05.19 | Podcast, Mikael Frausing, Wulf Kansteiner, Vibeke Sofie Sandager Rønnedal, Aarhus University

Shaping the Nordic Past

Our ideas of a the past are shaped by many things: Historical stories on the news or in a museum, a book or a TV programme. We are showered in history every day in our homes, on the streets where we live, and through advertising and political messaging. Even our very identities are bound up with history as they are informed by our historical…