Petri Böckerman

Petri Böckerman is a professor of health economics at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics and a research economist at Labour Institute for Economic Research. He is also a research fellow at IZA Institute of Labor Economics and an adjunct professor at Turku School of Economics and Tampere University. For more information about Petri Böckerman, click here.   

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Non-standard employment such as part‐time or temporary work and low‐skilled service jobs have grown over the last couple of decades, and, they have become more uncertain, unpredictable and risky in terms of job and income security in recent decades.

2020.03.19 | Article, Young-Kyu Shin, Petri Böckerman, Research, Public policy, Business, The Nordic Model, University of Helsinki

Trade union-administered unemployment benefit and precarious workers in Finland

The Nordic countries have some of the highest trade union rates of membership in the world. This has by some been attributed to unemployment insurance being largely administered by trade unions. Since around 1910, unemployment insurance in the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden has been based on a voluntary system (‘Ghent’), rather than…