Tuula Juvonen

Dr. Tuula Juvonen works as a Collegium Researcher at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Turku, Finland, where her current project The Materialisation of Affective Attachments focuses on sexualities and genders in flux. She has previously studied emerging lesbian communities and the changing position of homosexuality in Finnish society, and continues to engage in Rainbow History Month activities.

Contributions to nordics.info

A picture from Seta's (Finnish LGBT rights organisation) magazine in 1976. Source: Seta's archive.

2020.03.30 | The Quick Read, Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir, Elsi Hyttinen, Hafdís Erla Hafsteinsdóttir , Riikka Taavetti, Tuula Juvonen, Íris Ellenberger, Minorities, Gender, University of Iceland

Uncovering intra-Nordic queer migration in the 20th century

The view of the Nordic countries today as a place where LGBTIQ individuals and communities can enjoy equality overlooks intra-Nordic variation as well as the complicated histories found in the region. This variation has been a motivation for migration within the Nordics. Much migration, such as from Finland to Sweden and Iceland to Denmark,…