Tuuli Veikkanen

Tuuli Veikkanen has an MSc in Human Security, Social Sciences from the Aarhus University. Her fields of interest include global ethics, security, and climate policies. She wrote her Master’s thesis on the Post-Cold War humanitarian arms control in Finland.

Contributions to nordics.info

Finland's position on arms exports since the Cold War has been influenced by, amongst other things, its national economy, human rights issues and its own security position, particularly given its geographical position. Photo: Colourbox.dk

2020.02.21 | Article, Tuuli Veikkanen, The Nordics in the World, Reputation, Aarhus University

An introduction to Nordic arms exports since 1990, with a focus on Finland

All Nordic countries, excluding Iceland, have exported weapons to countries involved in armed conflicts or violating human rights during the post-Cold War period. As Nordic countries often speak for peace and humanitarian work in the international arena, their arms exports have repeatedly drawn criticism. However, Nordic countries have also been…