Unni Langås

Unni Langås is Professor of Scandinavia Literature at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. Her research and teaching include nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century literature, and she has published monographs, articles and edited anthologies on modernism, gender, avantgarde, interart, trauma and memory.

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The Scream by Norwegian Edvard Munch portrays the angst of modernism. From Wikimedia Commons, https://foto.munchmuseet.no

2019.03.01 | Article, Unni Langås, Literature, The arts

Modernism in the Nordic countries

As elsewhere, modernism was a movement concerning the profound questioning of traditional values, modes of speaking and interpretations of subjectivity. A mass of Nordic literature was produced that could be said to be modernist, from Norwegian Knut Hamsun’s innovative novels in the 1890s, to the influential high Swedish modernism in poetry led by…