nordics.info has three podcast series available here or on our Knowledge of the Nordics podcast platform. They can also be found on your preferred podcast provider, such as, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

If you are a researcher and would like to make a podcast with us, please get in touch: nordics.info@cas.au.dk.

See the bottom of this page for longer introductions to all of our podcasts and to find out who the participants are etc.

Series 3: The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region

Series 3: Interviews with researchers from the Nordic countries and elsewhere on welfare, education, literature and film, integration and more (between 30 and 60 minutes, from February to June 2021).

Series 2: Nordics.info Spoken

Series 2: Information and critical analysis written by researchers on the Nordic countries is read out in English and one of the Nordic languages (between 12 and 25 minutes).

Series 1: An Evolving World: Conversations on Norden

Series 1: Researchers and experts within the social sciences and/or humanities discuss or are interviewed about a certain topic to do with the Nordics (between 30 and 45 minutes).

Please note!:

Many of our podcast participants do not always speak in their native language. This means that pronunciation and sometimes the occasional word may not be 100% perfect. We think that this adds to the charm of our series. If you do have any comments/feedback, please get in touch!: nordics.info@cas.au.dk.

Descriptions of the podcasts:

The podcasts that have been published so far are shown here with an introduction on pages on nordics.info: