About the NNL

What is the New Nordic Lexicon?

Research-based information and critical analysis can help us understand the world and our place in it, making us stronger and more able to act meaningfully. The NNL is a collection of articles on a wide range of subjects to do with Nordic society, history and culture, all chosen by young people and researchers. Films and podcasts will also be available from September 2023 in which young people meet researchers to discuss important topics of the day.

You can trust the information you find in the New Nordic Lexicon because it is written by researchers who have usually spent years researching the topic they are writing about. It is written impartially and in an unbiased way as it is underpinned by academic freedom and independence. That said, even researchers who try to be as objective as possible have differences of opinion and are influenced by their background and surrounding circumstances, just like anyone else – so feel free to disagree with them.

Our mission - how are topics chosen for the NNL?

Our aim is to provide particularly young people with a variety of research-based perspectives on the complexities of society on a local, national, regional and international level. It is crucial that we listen to what topics young people want to learn about, what they are struggling with in their every day lives, and what their aspirations are for the future.

A consultation process for the New Nordic Lexicon took place from April to December 2022. You can read the results in English or Danish here: What is important to young people in the Nordic region? Our outreach is particularly to young people in the Nordic countries and researchers with the social sciences and humanities. We have conducted focus groups with young people in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and have received input from across the Nordic region. You are welcome to suggest topics for the New Nordic Lexicon by contacting us via email or social media. Read more about this under Have your say!

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