The podcasts for the New Nordic Lexicon will be published from September 2023. In the meantime, you can listen to the over 30 podcasts already on @Knowledge on the Nordics.

You can look forward to listening to The New Nordic Lexicon Podcast on:

  • biligualism, and minority and heritage languages, particularly in Finland and Sweden, with researchers Tuire K. Liimatainen, Nina Carlsson and Elizabeth Petersen, and students Sóley Eliasdottir, Gaëtan Gamba, Emma Healey and Essi Turva, recorded at the University of Helsinki.
  • the Baltic Sea region before and after the invasion of Ukraine, with researchers Kazimierz Musiał and Alexander Drost, and students Chance Dorland and Sóley Eliasdottir.
  • climate and democracy, and the gap between knowledge and action, with researchers Romina Rodela, Maria Wolrath-Söderberg and Natalie Marie Gulsrud, and students Jasmin Adolph, Gaëtan Gamba, Mattias Carlberg and Kristian Lutro.
  • gender and politics with researchers Cathrine Holst and Mari Teigen, and students Emma Healey and Victoria Austveg.

Ideas and concept development by editor of Nicola Witcombe - informed by the NNL consultation and the NNL Reference Group - and Nicola also acts as producer.