NNL Pod 3+4: The Nordics, Urban Planning and Youth

Listen to two podcasts about the history and practicalities of urban planning and why young people should be involved.

Meet the students!

Gaëtan studies European and Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki, and has been interviewed by Nordic Student Radio - Nordljud - about his role in the New Nordic Lexicon.

Jasmin recently graduated from a journalism Master's and she regularly provides input into articles and the development of the lexicon as part of the Reference Group.

Students from Aarhus University and Bergen Private High School also helped to produce this podcast!

NNL Pod 3: How should young people be involved in urban planning?

In this episode, a student from Helsinki University, Gaëtan Gamba, and a recent alumni of Södertörn University, Jasmin Adolph, speak to two researchers: Romina Rodela from Södertörn University, and Natalie Gulsrud from the University of Copenhagen, about urban planning and youth involvement. 


It is not always easy for children and young people to get their voices heard when it comes to the planning of the cities they live in. But their input is important for a whole range of reasons including that cities need to be fit for purpose, young people's health and the counteracting climate change (30 mins, in English).

Meet the researchers!

Romina Rodela is a Senior Researcher & Associate Professor in Environmental Management and Governance at Södertörn University.

Natalie Gulsrud is Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning.

Both researchers are also involved in a project called Planning with Youth.

NNL Pod 4: How are city planning and sustainability connected?

In this episode, students from Helsinki and Södertörn Universities, Jasmin Adolph and Gaëtan Gamba, speak again to Romina Rodela from Södertörn University and Natalie Gulsrud from the University of Copenhagen. Students from Aarhus University and Bergen High School also helped to produce this podcast.


Listen to how cities have developed historically and about different urban approaches to sustainability and inclusivity. This episode is in English. Some later episodes will be in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian (32 mins, in English).


These podcast episodes were produced in response to readers’ interest in climate change and democracy.


Further reading:


  • Planning with Youth Blog. (The two researchers interviewed for this podcast are a part of “Planning with Youth” funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (FORMAS) under the targeted call: National Research Program for Sustainable Spatial Planning. This project is an international collaboration between five project partners including Södertörn University (lead partner), Copenhagen University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Wageningen University, and Winnipeg University.)
  • Smarter Greener Cities
  • European Environmental Agency