NNL Pod 15: What was the New Nordic Lexicon podcast about?

Listen to a whistlestop tour covering the last 14 podcasts, touching down in Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki, and featuring clips from podcasts where young people put questions to researchers on topics of the day.

In this podcast, you can hear clips of previous episodes and get a flavour of the topics covered, such as the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine, gender, the climate, and humanitarian relief. 

Nicola Witcombe, who is the editor of nordics.info, and Daniela Lange Andersen, a student from Aarhus University, discuss the different topics covered in the podcast series and what it is like interviewing researchers.


This is the final podcast in the series and provides an overview of the content as well as views and thoughts from the students and researchers that have been involved (30 mins, in English with one clip in Danish).

Meet the participants!

Daniela has previously interviewed two researchers from Aarhus University for the podcast series and returns to talk about her experience and her views on other subjects from the series. Daniela studies Russian Studies.

As project manager of the New Nordic Lexicon, Nicola has a good overview of all the students and researchers involved in the podcast series.

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