Podcast Series 4

The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from Greenland

This podcast series is on Greenland's art and history. Key researchers choose important objects or pieces of art and explain why they have been significant to them - both in their career and their lives.

An art historian, an archeologist and a PhD in Arctic Studies discuss the state of Greenland today through looking back at their own work. The editor of nordics.info Nicola Witcombe interviews Nivi Christensen (Director of Nuuk Art Museum), Kirstine Eiby Møller (indigenous Arctic archeologist), and Rosannguaq Rossen (Head of Department, Institute for Culture, Language and History at the University of Greenland). In the final episode Nicola looks back at the three podcasts with the help of Inge Høst Seiding, who has worked for many years at the Greenland Museum and Archives and is also a researcher.


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Coming soon:

  • Uncovering Archeology with Kirstine Eiby Møller (4th February 2022)

  • Uncovering Art and History with Inge Høst Seiding (11th February 2022)

The idea for this podcast came from Lill-Ann Körber and it is produced by Nicola Witcombe.

Listen to more uncovering the Nordics: The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region (Series 3 from @KnowledgeOnTheNordics), or check out the research dissemination website Arctic Hub.

Descriptions and useful links for each podcast in this series: