Nordic and Scandinavian studies around the world

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Nordic and Scandinavian Studies Departments

Scandinavian studies is an academic field of study that both incorporates the Scandinavian languages and cultural studies of the Scandinavian countries. As you can see on the interactive map above, most Scandinavian studies departments are located in Germany and the United States.

In the Nordic countries, we have listed institutions and academic departments associated with the Reimaging Norden in an Evolving World project of which is a part. However, Scandinavian or Nordic studies rarely exist as distinct academic departments within the Nordic region.

Multiple academic journals focus on Scandinavian studies as well. Scandinavian Studies is published by the University of Wisconsin Press on behalf of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. The journal has been in existence since 1911 under various names, and covers a wide range topics within the areas of language and culture.

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