Shaping the Nordic Future: Nature and Planning

Listen to a dialogue between three environmental scientists about how nature-based solutions are used in the Nordics, their benefits and their downsides.

How can we protect society from the extremities of a changing climate while also protecting nature and enhancing biodiversity? Find out about the opportunities and challenges that nature-based solutions pose in the Nordic countries today.


Editor of Nicola Witcombe talks to three environmental scientists from the cross-Nordic project S-ITUATION: Isabel Seifert-Dähnn is an Environmental Economist from the Norwegian Institute for Water Research. Johanna Alkan-Olsson is a Social Environmental Scientist and Helena Hanson an Environmental Scientist, both from the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science at Lund University in Sweden.

Pictures of nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries

Please click here if you would like to see more examples of nature-based solutions in the Nordic countries: a slide-show, or go to NetworkNature Nordic hub for more inspiration.

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