How is the New Nordic Lexicon created?

The team

The small, dedicated team at commission, edit and publish all the articles, films and podcasts that are published. is a research dissemination website based at Aarhus University in Denmark that started in 2018 and is part of the university hub Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW).

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The reference group

We have a Reference Group primarily made up of students and researchers from our four primary partner universities - Oslo, Helsinki, Södertörn, and Aarhus - who provide ideas and input into the development of the NNL. We also have a Steering Group who also act as our editorial board, made up of academics from the four NNL partners as well as Copenhagen Business School and the University of Iceland.

The main New Nordic Lexicon partners

The team behind at Aarhus University’s School of Culture and Society coordinate the project with the collaboration of:

Many thanks to all the students and researchers from these institutions for getting involved in research dissemination.

Friends and colleagues of the New Nordic Lexicon

We also work with other organisations across the Nordic region and beyond on specific types of content. These include:


Our translations

Every page in the New Nordic Lexicon is translated into one other Nordic language. We chose to do this as we do not have the resources to translate everything into every Nordic language, and we wanted to reflect the variety and bredth of all the Nordic languages in the New Nordic Lexicon. That said, the main Nordic language of the New Nordic Lexicon is Danish as we are based in Denmark. Our Danish translator is Caroline Vogt Hansen, who is a Student Assistant at We also have a Finnish translator and editor called Tuire Liimatainen, and many other excellent translators from across the Nordic region, including Jenny Gustafsson (Swedish) and Sóley Eliasdóttir and Vár Eydnudóttir (Faroese), Ibbá Lauhamaa (Sámi), Erla E. Völudóttir (Icelandic) and Caroline Vogt Hansen (Danish). 

We work very hard on the accuracy of our translations and we would like to thank our translators as well as many authors who are often bi- or multilingual and help with the task. However, if you spot an error or a translation you do not agree with, do let us know at