NNL Pod 8+9: Culture and Security after the Invasion of Ukraine

Listen to two podcasts in Danish on the changing political and cultural landscape since the invasion of Ukraine, both in Russia, Europe and Norden.

Meet the students!

Mattias is currently studying Music and Pedagogy at Malmö Academy of Music (Lund University). He is also a linguist, Danish teacher and presenter on Nordljud (Nordic Student Radio) and has been involved in several of the New Nordic Lexicon podcasts and films.

Daniela is a Bachelor's student of Russia Studies at Aarhus University and also takes an interest in research dissemination.

NNL Pod 8: How has political and literary culture changed since the invasion of Ukraine?

In this episode, students from Aarhus and Malmö Universities, Daniela Lange Andersen and Mattias Carlberg, speak to two researchers, Thorsten Borring Olesen and Birgitte Beck Pristed, both from Aarhus University, about international political culture, and literature and reading in Russia. 


We compare the time before and after the invasion, looking at wider geopolitics, Norden's role, as well as Russian culture and literature. This podcast was recorded in August 2023. There is also time for both the students and researchers to talk about books to do with the invasion of Ukraine as well as music - see below for all the titles! (36 mins, in Danish).

Meet the researchers!

Thorsten is a Danish historian who has published numerous books on the relationship between Denmark and the EU, the Cold War and Danish politics. He is frequently in the press and is currently a member of an investigatory commission set down by the Danish parliament on Denmark's role in Afghanistan from 2001-2020.

In addition to her teaching and research at Aarhus University, Birgitte gives lectures elsewhere including for 'Folkeuniversitet', and is a member of the Danish Young Academy at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

NNL Pod 9: How has political and literary security changed since the invasion of Ukraine?

Daniela Lange Andersen and Mattias Carlberg, students from Aarhus and Lund Universities, speak again to Thorsten Borring Olesen and Birgitte Beck Pristed, both from Aarhus University, this time about security issues, both in and outside of Russia and Ukraine. 


Thorsten gives Nordic and European perspectives on security issues, particularly on Denmark and the EU, while Birgitte talks about security to do with Russian publishers and current types of censorship (30 minutes in Danish).

Further reading:

  • Birgitte Beck Pristed, 'Social Reading in Contemporary Russia' In: Reading russia, vol. 3: A History of Reading in Modern Russia. (Milano: Ledizioni, 2020). 
  • Thorsten Borring Olesen, Den svære dans: Danmark og det europæiske samarbejde [The difficult dance: Denmark and the European cooperation] (Gads Forlag, 2022).

Books and music discussed in the podcasts:

  • Disbelief: 100 Russian Anti-war Poems by Julia Nemirovskaya, ed., (UK, Smokestack Books, 2023). Available in Russian and English.
  • Grey Bees by Andrej Kurkov, (Kbh: Mr. East, 2019). Also available in Danish.
  • Leto v pionerskom galstuke [Summer in Pioneer Scarf] by Elena Malisova & Katerina Silvanova (Popcorn books 2022).
  • Putin's Russia [Putins Rusland] by Cartsen Jensen and Mette Skak (Books on demand, 2021). In Danish.
  • 'Krig og fred i melodigrandprix: Ukraine og Rusland i Eurovision' [War and Peace in the Eurovision Contest: Ukraine and Russia' by Lisanne Wilken
  • Kalush Orchestra performed 'Stefania', representing Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.
  • Verka Serduchka represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai'.
  • Pink Floyd's 'Hey, Hey, Rise Up' recorded on 30th March with Andriy Khlyvnyuk of the Ukrainian band Boombox.