Film: The Ocean and the Baltic Sea Region

Watch a film about the ground-breaking book 'The Sea is Blue' by Sylvia Earle and how it has inspired calls for ocean literacy in the Baltic Sea Region.

In this group of films, students ask researchers to talk about an object, book or place that represents their research. Marta Skorek, researcher from the University of Gdansk, chooses the ocean and the book, 'The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One' by the American academic and activist Sylvia Earle. She is interviewed by Agata Pyka, a student from Aarhus University.

To Marta, the ocean and the book represent the need to break free of national boundaries and work together towards ocean literacy. Ocean literacy is a multi-layered way of understanding the sea and how it underpins everybody's livelihood, whether you live and work in or by the sea or not.

Meet the students and researchers!

Agata Pyka was a journalism student at Aarhus University at the time of filming. She is also a freelance journalist and travelled to Stockholm to interview other researchers for the New Nordic Lexicon.

Marta Skorek was a doctoral researcher at the time of filming, and is committed to disseminating her research to a wider audience through different media. 

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