Research dissemination

Let help you disseminate your research!

This page is for academics who are considering working with to disseminate their research, including scholars who are planning on applying for, or have already received, funding from Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW).

What we can offer:

Publication and dissemination of articles

  • We publish articles of varying lengths (1000, 2000, 2000+).
  • We can language-proof, edit and picture-source.
  • You get to see your article in layout before it is published.
  • We post links to your article on social media and work with you to contact other relevant stakeholders.
The article 'Buying Greenland? Trump, Truman and the 'Pearl of the Mediterranean'' by Thorsten Borring Olesen was picked up by History News Network and is cited in a Wikipedia article.

Social media

We have a growing network of academics, thinkers and the public from around the world who are interested in the Nordic countries. Let us have the details of your conference, workshop, publication etc, and we can create or share posts on Twitter and Facebook.

The article 'Why do the Nordic countries react differently to the covid-19 crisis?' by Johan Strang got over 1000 impressions on Twitter, and over 2.5 thousand listened to a soundbite on Twitter of the podcast Greenland: Uncovering Archeology with Kirstine Eiby Møller.

Interviews and podcasts

These can be done in person or online. Here are some examples:

Short film: ’Global Audiences of Danish TV Drama’ with Pia Majbritt Jensen and Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen from Aarhus University .

”your interview has resulted in an invitation to give a keynote speech at a conference abroad next year…so the good word is spreading...” (quotation from an interviewee).

Podcasts: Organise a small panel of speakers like in our podcasts on The Nordic Model: Heaven or Hell?, or let us record at your event and we will create a podcast out of it, like in our podcasts on The Nordic Model at Risk?: Conversations on Regulation.

We launched our podcasts in March 2020. They have been listened to by people in 40 different countries around the world and have had nearly 20,000 downloads (August 2023).

Theme pages

Our Theme Page on Nordic Noir started out as a two-day ReNEW workshop at Aarhus University in October 2018.

Our Theme Page on The Nordic Model has been significantly contributed to by members of the research group The Nordic Model(s) in the global circulation of ideas.

Outreach to relevant stakeholders

We can work with you to help identify and contact the relevant stakeholders for your event or publication.

7 reasons to work with

  1. It is unbiased and independent as it is underpinned by academic freedom.
  2. It is impartial as it not dependent on marketing or PR objectives.
  3. It encourages academics to step into the public arena.
  4. It assists in counteracting false information.
  5. It strengthens open access and the free-flow of information.
  6. It is democratic in that it explicates complex issues in an understandable way.
  7. Material is based on specific research or on an individual researcher’s detailed knowledge often gained over years within a regional or global network.

Please note: has limited capacity and funding for travel, equipment etc. We will endeavour to assist in all relevant cases, but may have to decline due to limited resources or alternative events.

We primarily assist scholars who are associated with Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW) and associated projects. However, we are very interested in hearing from other scholars of all levels and similar partners in the humanities and social sciences.

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