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Beyond Nordic Noir: The reception of contemporary Norwegian literature in Spain

A waist-up picture of Karl Ove Knausgård. He is wearing a white shirt and has grey hair and a grey beard. In one hand he is holding a book with the title "My Struggle" and in the other hand he has a microphone lifted to his mouth.
- Irene Pérez Puyol

Spanish readers are attracted to contemporary Norwegian literature by the blurred boundaries between fact and fiction, the unadorned prose, and the…

Elias Lönnrot, 1802-1884

A picture of a lithography of Elias Lönnrot from the waist up. The lithography is clearly old and depicts a man with a serious face yet a slight smile. His hair reaches just below his ears and is slightly curly. He is wearing an old-style suit.
- Emma Healey

Elias Lönnrot was a philologist and a collector of Finnic-Karelian traditional poetry, which he compiled in order to create the Kalevala.

Cultural perceptions of Denmark in Spain

- Mercedes de Luis Andrés

How the Nordics and Denmark are perceived in Spain is influenced by the existing connections between the countries, including Viking history, joint…

Kerstin Ekman (b. 1933)

Black and white photograph of a lighthaired young woman reaching for a book from a bookshelf
- Helena Forsås-Scott

In her wealth of work since her first breakthrough publication in 1974, the Swedish novelist Kerstin Ekman has explored themes such as the…

Drama in Denmark

Photo taken in the evening of a large building that lights up.
- Helena Forsås-Scott

While the Royal Danish Theatre was founded in back in 1748, this overview of drama in Denmark extends from after World War II to the beginning of the…

Vera Nilsson (1888-1979)

- Helena Forsås-Scott

Swedish artist Vera Nilsson developed an expressionist style and subjects included the landscape of Öland and the Spanish Civil War.

Drama in Norway

A large bulding in a light beige colour. Has the title 'NATIONALTHEATER' engraved into the building. There is a sculpture of two men standing to the right and left of the building.
- Helena Forsås-Scott

While Ibsen cannot go unmentioned in a discussion on Norwegian theatre, developments in other areas have also been varied and interesting. Regional…

Nordic non-fiction in the twentieth century

Ink pen writing on a notepad
- Helena Forsås-Scott

Non-fiction can include essays, reports, memoirs and biographies, and travel writing, although the boundaries of what constitutes 'non-fiction' - or,…