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Nordic Cooperation : Self-interest or Altruism?

Two women speaking in a podcast studio.
- Melina Antonia Buns

Listen to a podcast on how Nordic cooperation works through politicians, civil servants and civil society, and how it is often more driven by…

Public opinion on the EU in Iceland since 1980

The logo of the EU
- Ragnar Auðun Árnason

Back in the 1980s and 90s, support for joining the European Union in Iceland was split into three, a bit like it is today: for, against and undecided.…

The Three Kings Meeting in 1914

A photo card with the words 'Kungamötet i Malmö 18 Dec 1914' which means The Kings' meeting. There are three portraits next to each other of each the Kings along with their names. At the bottom, you can see the building in which they met.
- Alexandre Kubala

After World War I had been raging for six months and the pressure to choose a side was mounting, the kings of Denmark, Norway and Sweden met to find a…

Podcast: History of Iceland

The website is based at Aarhus University and is a part of the University Hub Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW).
- Podcast

Listen to an overview of the history of Iceland in either English or Danish! / Lyt til en podcast om Islands historie på engelsk eller dansk!

Nordic Disability Rights

Black and white photo of demonstrators.
- Anna Derksen

Following the social and economic transformations after World War II and the ambitious promises of the Nordic welfare model, Nordic disability rights…


A line of Nordic flags, starting with the flag of the Nordic Council (blue with a white bird).
- Peter Stadius

Nordism refers to the act of promoting Nordic cooperation as well as supporting a common Nordic identity. First appearing in the 1920s, it does not…

Uncovering the Legacies of Nordic Colonialism with Lill-Ann Körber

Portrait colour photo of female academic
- Lill-Ann Körber

Listen to a podcast which takes contemporary, cultural case studies and traces them back in history to uncover important narratives that often go…

The power of Nordic culture to transform Nordic history

A house by the water, there are green northern lights in the sky
- Peter Aronsson

The real or imagined cultural history of the Nordic countries (taken individually, in small groups or in their entirety) is a useful tool not to be…

Film: The Nordic Model: A Complex Concept

Man standing and speaking in front of a map of Europe.
- Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen

The Nordic Model’ is a concept that appears frequently in scholarship, media reports, and public debates to refer to the socio-political organization…

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