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Norway in 1800: A half-Danish nation?

- Odd Arvid Storsveen

Denmark lost the territory of Norway during the Napoleonic wars in 1814. Prior to that, Norway had been in union with Denmark from as far back as 1380…

Greenland: Uncovering Art History with Nivi Christensen

- Nivi Christensen

Listen to an interview with Director of Nuuk Art Museum Nivi Christensen and learn about two key Greenlandic artists and how they have informed her…

Building the Norwegian state in the early 1800s

A man dressed in very royal and formal attire. His clothes are predominantly crem white and he wear a long white and red cape. His white hair is styled upwards.
- Odd Arvid Storsveen

Norway had little means of governing itself in 1800 as it was part of the Danish realm and ruled from Denmark. This changed in 1807 when the outbreak…

Podcast: History of Iceland

The website is based at Aarhus University and is a part of the University Hub Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW).
- Podcast

Listen to an overview of the history of Iceland in either English or Danish! / Lyt til en podcast om Islands historie på engelsk eller dansk!

"I’ve come to buy Tivoli”: Colonial desires and anxieties in Iceland in a new millennium

A shot of a man's legs walking in an airport with a briefcase.
- Kristín Loftsdóttir

The economic boom in Iceland in the early 2000s reflected how colonial memory can linger on and become mobilized. During this period, Iceland became…

The colonialism of Denmark-Norway and its legacies

A large black statue of a woman holding two objects.
- Niels Brimnes

Overshadowed by British and French Imperialism, the small-scale colonialism of some of the Nordic countries can all too easily be downplayed. From the…

Christian IV and the use of history

- Nation building

Christian IV (1577-1648), who ruled Denmark and its possessions from 1588-1648, is probably the most famous - and infamous - king in the history of…

Christian II's legacy in Sweden and Denmark

Painting of Christian II
- Martin Alm

Christian II (1481-1559) ruled Denmark and Norway from 1513 to 1523 as well as Sweden for some of that time, from 1520 to 1521. In Sweden he has been…