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Is suicide more common in the Nordics?

- Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen

Despite regularly ranking high up in global happiness indexes, the image of the Nordic people as extraordinarily suicidal has persisted since the…

Vikings and Capitalism?

- Richard Cole

Watch a 10-minute film on why modern business people like to compare themselves to their vision of the Vikings.

Uncovering Sweden in an International Context with Carl Marklund

Portrait of Carl Marklund in a suit
- Carl Marklund

Listen to a podcast on how some of Sweden’s policymaking successes and failures since the Cold War have been perceived in Sweden itself as well as…

Television and Geopolitics: A Conversation on the Nordics

Dark photo, evening. Big buildings placed close to the harbour. Windows from the buildings light up.
- Robert A. Saunders

Listen to a podcast on interplay between popular culture and the ’real’ world.

The power of Nordic culture to transform Nordic history

A house by the water, there are green northern lights in the sky
- Peter Aronsson

The real or imagined cultural history of the Nordic countries (taken individually, in small groups or in their entirety) is a useful tool not to be…

Podcast: The Vikings and Capitalism

Dark hillside with men in Viking costume with torches
- Richard Cole

In this podcast, medieval historian from Aarhus University Richard Cole explores why the Viking era is ‘up for grabs’, and zooms in on why and how…

Vanishing Scandinavian "socialism" in the 2020 US election

The front of the New York Times with Biden with a face mask on.
- Byron Zachary Rom-Jensen

Scandinavian “socialism” has been oddly absent from the final stages of the recent US election. It is possible to trace the arguments for and against…

Christian II's legacy in Sweden and Denmark

Painting of Christian II
- Martin Alm

Christian II (1481-1559) ruled Denmark and Norway from 1513 to 1523 as well as Sweden for some of that time, from 1520 to 1521. In Sweden he has been…

Folklore in the Nordic countries

Pencil sketch of a human-looking creature with a large beard and distinctive features
- Frog

Folklore is a phenomenon found in all cultures. Falling under the umbrella of what is now called ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by UNESCO, it…

An introduction to Nordic arms exports since 1990, with a focus on Finland

Barbed wire and the silhouette of men with guns in military clothes
- Tuuli Veikkanen

All Nordic countries, excluding Iceland, have exported weapons to countries involved in armed conflicts or violating human rights during the post-Cold…