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Freedom of the press in Iceland during the Napoleonic wars

A drawing of several people inside a house. A man is reading from a book, with a woman standing behind him, looking down on the book. Everyone is gathered around a fire, and several other people are both standing and sitting down, listening to the story.
- Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

An international current affairs publication in Iceland (Minnisverð tíðindi or Noteworthy News) ran for eight years at the turn of the nineteenth…

Television and Geopolitics: A Conversation on the Nordics

Dark photo, evening. Big buildings placed close to the harbour. Windows from the buildings light up.
- Robert A. Saunders

Listen to a podcast on interplay between popular culture and the ’real’ world.

Norway: Uncovering Nordic Childhood in an Online World with Elisabeth Staksrud

Colour head shot of female academic Elisabeth Staksrud.
- Elisabeth Staksrud

Listen to a podcast on the attitude to online risk of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics.

Uses of Nordic history

A fountain pen and a notebook saying "What Happened?"
- Niels Kayser Nielsen

The 'use of history' is the term used to denote a combination of selecting, emphasising and overlooking people, events and epochs taken from history.…

Global Audiences of Danish TV Drama

Black and white photo of two female academics sitting on a sofa discussing.
- Pia Majbritt Jensen

Why does Danish TV drama travel around the world? Pia Majbritt Jensen and Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen from Aarhus University discuss the reasons given by…

Podcast: Gaming the Nordics

A young boy playing on his computer in a dark room.
- Heidi Rautalahti

Film: Danish Regional Film Funds

Woman standing and speaking in front of a map of Europe.
- Pei Sze Chow

Since the late 1990s, the Danish regional film funds have been successful in encouraging the development of audio-visual production and talent outside…