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Comparative literature and Decoding the Complexities of the Baltic Sea Region

- Karolina Drozdowska

The concept of ‘narrative’ (as opposed to ‘reality’) is prevalent in the press, particularly with respect to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The…

Freedom of the press in Iceland during the Napoleonic wars

A drawing of several people inside a house. A man is reading from a book, with a woman standing behind him, looking down on the book. Everyone is gathered around a fire, and several other people are both standing and sitting down, listening to the story.
- Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

An international current affairs publication in Iceland (Minnisverð tíðindi or Noteworthy News) ran for eight years at the turn of the nineteenth…

Television and Geopolitics: A Conversation on the Nordics

Dark photo, evening. Big buildings placed close to the harbour. Windows from the buildings light up.
- Robert A. Saunders

Listen to a podcast on interplay between popular culture and the ’real’ world.

Norway: Uncovering Nordic Childhood in an Online World with Elisabeth Staksrud

Colour head shot of female academic Elisabeth Staksrud.
- Elisabeth Staksrud

Listen to a podcast on the attitude to online risk of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics.

Uses of Nordic history

A fountain pen and a notebook saying "What Happened?"
- Niels Kayser Nielsen

The 'use of history' is the term used to denote a combination of selecting, emphasising and overlooking people, events and epochs taken from history.…

Global Audiences of Danish TV Drama

Black and white photo of two female academics sitting on a sofa discussing.
- Pia Majbritt Jensen

Why does Danish TV drama travel around the world? Pia Majbritt Jensen and Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen from Aarhus University discuss the reasons given by…