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The Nordic Embassies in Berlin

A photo of a big square brown brick building. In the middle are a row of windows. In front of the building are many bikes.
- Architecture & design

The Nordic Embassies site in Berlin – 'Nordische Botshaften' – allows Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark to work closely together on shared…

Freedom of the press in Iceland during the Napoleonic wars

A drawing of several people inside a house. A man is reading from a book, with a woman standing behind him, looking down on the book. Everyone is gathered around a fire, and several other people are both standing and sitting down, listening to the story.
- Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

An international current affairs publication in Iceland (Minnisverð tíðindi or Noteworthy News) ran for eight years at the turn of the nineteenth…

Impact bonds in the Nordics

- Olli Tiikkainen

An impact bond is a financial contract between public and private stakeholders with the aim of solving societal problems. Impact bonds remain…

Anna Lindh (1957-2003)

Anna Lindh signing
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Anna Lindh was a Swedish Social Democratic politician and a rising star within the party. She took an active part in shaping policy regarding the…

The colonialism of Denmark-Norway and its legacies

A large black statue of a woman holding two objects.
- Niels Brimnes

Overshadowed by British and French Imperialism, the small-scale colonialism of some of the Nordic countries can all too easily be downplayed. From the…

The Nordic Model at Risk?: Conversations on Regulation

A black and white smashed window.
- Anne Ilsøe