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An overview of Nordic universities

Picture of the University of Copenhagen
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Universities are important in the Nordic countries because of a generally held belief that education is essential to democracy and it is a…

Denmark: Uncovering Nordic Collectivism with Cathie Jo Martin

Portrait of Cathie Jo Martin smiling
- Cathie Jo Martin

Listen to a podcast on Denmark's collective mindset within education from an historical perspective.

Norway: Uncovering Nordic Childhood in an Online World with Elisabeth Staksrud

Colour head shot of female academic Elisabeth Staksrud.
- Elisabeth Staksrud

Listen to a podcast on the attitude to online risk of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics.

Sweden: Uncovering Nordic Education and Society with Janne Holmén

Headshot of researcher Janne Holmen
- Janne Holmén

Listen to a podcast on the educational systems of the Nordic countries.

Podcast: Migrant Children in the Nordics: A Conversation on Schooling

Primary school children of different ethnicities sitting in a classroom beside each other. Smiling, looking at the board.
- Mette Buchardt

Humor in the military professions: a case study on exclusion in the Nordics

Försvar [Defense] in Sweden.
- Beate Sløk Andersen

In principle, all levels of the male-dominated professions in the Nordic countries are accessible to men and women alike. But, informal processes of…

Nordic adult educators encounter Tanzanian development in the 1960s and 1970s

Post boxes with greenery
- Nikolas Glover

In 1962 Sweden was said to be the country with the most extensive correspondence education enrolment per capita in the world. This was explained with…

Interview: The border between religion and culture at Christmas time in Scandinavia

Portrait shot of interviewee from Norway university
- Elisabeth Tveito Johnsen

Schools and TV programmes are important in shaping children and communities. In the Nordic countries, schools and broadcasters are frequently tasked…

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