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An overview of Nordic universities

Picture of the University of Copenhagen
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Universities are important in the Nordic countries because of a generally held belief that education is essential to democracy and it is a…

Denmark: Uncovering Nordic Collectivism with Cathie Jo Martin

Portrait of Cathie Jo Martin smiling
- Cathie Jo Martin

Listen to a podcast on Denmark's collective mindset within education from an historical perspective.

Norway: Uncovering Nordic Childhood in an Online World with Elisabeth Staksrud

Colour head shot of female academic Elisabeth Staksrud.
- Elisabeth Staksrud

Listen to a podcast on the attitude to online risk of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics.

Sweden: Uncovering Nordic Education and Society with Janne Holmén

Headshot of researcher Janne Holmen
- Janne Holmén

Listen to a podcast on the educational systems of the Nordic countries.

Podcast: Migrant Children in the Nordics: A Conversation on Schooling

Primary school children of different ethnicities sitting in a classroom beside each other. Smiling, looking at the board.
- Mette Buchardt

Humor in the military professions: a case study on exclusion in the Nordics

Försvar [Defense] in Sweden.
- Beate Sløk Andersen

In principle, all levels of the male-dominated professions in the Nordic countries are accessible to men and women alike. But, informal processes of…

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