Labour markets

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Participation Income: Lessons from Finland and beyond

- The Quick Read

Participation Income is an innovative model of social security which aims to tackle not only social problems but also the climate emergency.

'The Danish model' meets food delivery platforms

Just Eat courier cycling in the rain
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Most food delivery riders fall outside the scope of the ‘Danish model’, its comprehensive system of social welfare and the industrial relations model…

Unequal pay in Denmark: The impact of an outdated law

A group of people demonstrating in red clothes and with red banners.
- Astrid Elkjær Sørensen

Danish nurses still receive 10-20% less in pay than male-dominated professions requiring a similar level of education. There are many contributing…

Denmark: Uncovering Nordic Collectivism with Cathie Jo Martin

Portrait of Cathie Jo Martin smiling
- Cathie Jo Martin

Listen to a podcast on Denmark's collective mindset within education from an historical perspective.

An overview of population trends in the Nordic countries since the Second World War

This familiy photo is was taken in 1944 in Helsingfors Finland.
- Byron J. Nordstrom

The Nordic countries have seen a number of important changes to their populations since the end of World War II. Perhaps most notable among these are…

Danish immigration policy, 1970-1992

Guest workers striking against forced redundancies in front of DA
- Astrid Elkjær Sørensen

In 1973, the Social Democrat government introduced an immediate stop to labour immigration because of growing unemployment. Immigration was, however,…

It's relational: Racial attitudes in Swedish welfare institutions

Vector image, many different types of working-type icons in blue connected to one another via lines
- Carolin Schütze

Racial bias of staff at welfare institutions can result in negative outcomes for minority clients. Staff are not only professionals, but also…

Emigration in the Nordics: an overview since 1800s

Old water colour painting of people in a harbour area with ships in the background
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Emigration has been a part of population mobility in the Nordic region for centuries. The numbers were generally very small until the mid-nineteenth…

Employer federations in the Nordics

A construction site with a worker
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Along with their trade union counterparts, employer federations have been key players in the negotiation of nationwide agreements on wages and working…