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Literary criticism in the Nordics, postwar to today

Front book cover displaying women in large formal dressing gowns
- Helena Forsås-Scott

Literary work and issues pertaining to it were rooted in the historical-biographical tradition following the Second World War in the Nordics. Danish…

Norway: Uncovering Gender and Branding in the Nordics with Eirinn Larsen

Female in thick jumper portrait
- Eirinn Larsen

Listen to a podcast on how gender is used as a tool in branding the Nordics.

Feminist writing in the Nordics, 1970s-2000

The logo for feminism (a fist with the woman gender symbol) with books in the background.
- Helena Forsås-Scott

Feminist writing in 1970s, particularly prose fiction, was inspired by second-wave feminism and by the mid-1980s, feminist writing had become a…

Unequal pay in Denmark: The impact of an outdated law

A group of people demonstrating in red clothes and with red banners.
- Astrid Elkjær Sørensen

Danish nurses still receive 10-20% less in pay than male-dominated professions requiring a similar level of education. There are many contributing…

Pop culture, Vikings and historic Nordic gender equality?

Black and white logo of Viking helmet with wings
- Barbora Žiačková

Gender equality is a fundamental part of the Nordic brand, and right-wing political actors as well as extremists use ideas of gender equality in…

Feminism in the Nordics: An historical overview to 1990

Black and white picture of the Swedish feminist group from 1920s.
- Helena Forsås-Scott

Feminism in the Nordics began in the second half of the 19th century with the struggle for female suffrage. The development of the welfare state in…

Humor in the military professions: a case study on exclusion in the Nordics

Försvar [Defense] in Sweden.
- Beate Sløk Andersen

In principle, all levels of the male-dominated professions in the Nordic countries are accessible to men and women alike. But, informal processes of…

Uncovering intra-Nordic queer migration in the 20th century

Black and white picture of people running along hand in hand with trees in the background
- Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir

The view of the Nordic countries today as a place where LGBTIQ individuals and communities can enjoy equality overlooks intra-Nordic variation as well…

THEME: Public policy, gender equality and labour markets