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Beyond Nordic Noir: The reception of contemporary Norwegian literature in Spain

A waist-up picture of Karl Ove Knausgård. He is wearing a white shirt and has grey hair and a grey beard. In one hand he is holding a book with the title "My Struggle" and in the other hand he has a microphone lifted to his mouth.
- Irene Pérez Puyol

Spanish readers are attracted to contemporary Norwegian literature by the blurred boundaries between fact and fiction, the unadorned prose, and the…

Elias Lönnrot, 1802-1884

A picture of a lithography of Elias Lönnrot from the waist up. The lithography is clearly old and depicts a man with a serious face yet a slight smile. His hair reaches just below his ears and is slightly curly. He is wearing an old-style suit.
- Emma Healey

Elias Lönnrot was a philologist and a collector of Finnic-Karelian traditional poetry, which he compiled in order to create the Kalevala.

Cultural perceptions of Denmark in Spain

- Mercedes de Luis Andrés

How the Nordics and Denmark are perceived in Spain is influenced by the existing connections between the countries, including Viking history, joint…

Greenland: Uncovering Art History with Nivi Christensen

- Nivi Christensen

Listen to an interview with Director of Nuuk Art Museum Nivi Christensen and learn about two key Greenlandic artists and how they have informed her…

Jan Troell b. 1931

Photo of Jan Troell
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

Jan Troell is a Swedish film director and cinematographer who also made a number of internationally successful films, such as 'The Flight of an Eagle'…

Arne Sucksdorff 1917- 2001

Black and white photo of Arne Sucksdorff.
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

The Swedish documentary filmmaker Arne Sucksdorff was born in Stockholm in 1917. Sucksdorff is the most important documentarist in Swedish film, and…

Valkyries and Danish national symbolism in the 19th century

A drawing of a long Viking ship on the sea. Eight people are on board of the ship and facing different directions.
- Johnni Langer

Scandinavian goddesses, gods, and supernatural deities: nowadays it is common to encounter the Norse myths being popularized in the mass media, in…

Vilgot Sjöman 1924 - 2006

Vilgot Sjöman outside Folkets Bio Malmö 1987
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

The Swedish novelist and film director Vilgot Sjöman was born in Stockholm in 1924. Sjöman’s output was extensive and included novels and essays as…

Mai Zetterling 1925-1994

Portrait photo of Mai Zetterling
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

The Swedish actress and film director Mai Zetterling was born in Västerås in 1925. Having established herself as a popular actress in Swedish film,…

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