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Alf Sjöberg 1903-1980

Black and white portrait of the Swedish director Alf Sjöberg in 1942.
- Biography

The Swedish actor and director of both film and drama Alf Sjöberg was an important artist, restlessly introducing new ideas about art and politics…

Ballet in the Nordics

black and white picture of man leaping into the air with his left leg straight out behind him and his right straight out in front with upper body very straight and arms in a graceful ballet position
- Petra Broomans

Classical ballet in the Nordic countries has its roots in Nordic folk dance and has been influenced by the Italian, French and Russian traditions, the…

Ballet in Norway

Black and white photograph of two dancers in roleplay. One male dancer dressed as a very bent old woman in old fashioned poor clothes with a bundle of wood on her shoulder. One female dancers dressed as a boy with old-fashioned costume including trousers
- Petra Broomans

After its independence in 1905, Norwegian ballet took on a tradition of its own, lately being characterised by classical ballet and modern dance…

Ballet in Sweden

Dancer dressed in maroon silk with arms and legs behind them while they jump in the air
- Petra Broomans

Founded in 1773, the Royal Swedish Ballet remained relatively traditional until the early part of the twentieth century when modern dance and dancers…

Asta Nielsen (1881-1972)

- Biography

The Danish theatre actress Asta Sophie Amalie Nielsen became a silent screen world star overnight after her leading role in the silent movie Afgrunden…

Kjeld Abell (1901-1961)

- Biography

Kjeld Abell is one of the most prominent and innovative Danish playwrights in the 20th century. In his early plays he satirises the narrow,…

Ulf Lundell (b. 1949)

- Biography

Ulf Gerhard Lundell is a Swedish rock singer, composer, author, poet, and artist known as ‘the Swedish Bob Dylan.’

Susanne Bier (b. 1960)

- Biography

Acclaimed Danish film director with many awards to her credit, including an Oscar, Golden Globes, an Emmy, and numerous festival and European prizes,…

Bille August (b. 1948)

- Biography

Bille August is a Danish filmmaker in the realist tradition, and a winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1988 for Pelle Erobreren…

Elisabeth Söderström (1927-2009)

- Biography

Elisabeth Söderström was a Swedish soprano known for both her acting and her singing talent, and particularly noted for her performances of Mozart and…

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