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Mai Zetterling 1925-1994

Portrait photo of Mai Zetterling
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

The Swedish actress and film director Mai Zetterling was born in Västerås in 1925. Having established herself as a popular actress in Swedish film,…

Bo Widerberg 1930 – 1997

Black and white photo of Bo Widerberg
- Lars Gustaf Andersson

The Swedish film director, drama director and novelist Bo Widerberg was born in Malmö in 1930. After several novels and collections of short stories,…

Podcast: Is Daddy coming home for Christmas?

- Sally Salminen

Listen to a short story by Sally Salminen in either English or Danish!

Kommer Far hjem til Jul? Af Sally Salminen

Tegning af en pige, der går på sine tåspidser
- Sally Salminen


I 1944 udgav den berømte finsk-svenske romanforfatter Sally Salminen ’Kommer far hjem til jul?’ som en novelle i magasinet Juleroser.…

Is Daddy coming home for Christmas? By Sally Salminen

Drawing of a girl walking on the tip of her toes
- Paul Larkin


In 1944, 'Juleroser' ('Christmas Roses') magazine published  the renowned Finland-Swedish novelist Sally Salminen's short story 'Kommer…

Stefan Jarl (b. 1941)

A portrait photo of the Swedish documentarists Stefan Jarl.
- Biography

Stefan Jarl is one of the most important and influential documentarists in contemporary Swedish cinema. Stefan Jarl was born in 1941 in Skara. From a…

Jarl Kulle 1927-1997

Jarl Kulle getting ready for the stage, 1960.
- Biography

The Swedish actor Jarl Kulle was a distinguished and popular actor working in a wide range of genres from children’s film to the cinema of Ingmar…

Kjell Grede 1936 -­ 2017

Painting by Peder Krøyer, showing af group of people at a table outside.
- Biography

The Swedish film director Kjell Grede made a significant contribution to film and television from 1967 to 1990s, heading the Dramatic Institute in…

Colin Nutley b. 1944

A portrait of a laughing Colin Nutley in 2014.
- Biography

The filmmaker Colin Nutley has made a great impact on Swedish film culture with a series of popular films. He was born in 1944 in Gosport, England,…

Erland Josephson 1923-2012

Black and white photo of Erland Josephson at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.
- Biography

The multifarious Erland Josephson – actor, author, playwright – was a key figure in Swedish cultural life after the war. He was born in 1923 in…

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