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Beyond Nordic Noir: The reception of contemporary Norwegian literature in Spain

A waist-up picture of Karl Ove Knausgård. He is wearing a white shirt and has grey hair and a grey beard. In one hand he is holding a book with the title "My Struggle" and in the other hand he has a microphone lifted to his mouth.
- Irene Pérez Puyol

Spanish readers are attracted to contemporary Norwegian literature by the blurred boundaries between fact and fiction, the unadorned prose, and the…

Freedom of the press in Iceland during the Napoleonic wars

A drawing of several people inside a house. A man is reading from a book, with a woman standing behind him, looking down on the book. Everyone is gathered around a fire, and several other people are both standing and sitting down, listening to the story.
- Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

An international current affairs publication in Iceland (Minnisverð tíðindi or Noteworthy News) ran for eight years at the turn of the nineteenth…

Uncovering the Nordic Region with Mary Hilson and Peter Stadius

Portrait of Mary and Peter
- Mary Hilson

Listen to a podcast on hot topics in current academic research on the Nordic region today include welfare, colonialism and heterogeneity.

The Dannebrog in Danish culture

The Danish flag, Dannebrog, coloured red and white waving in the air
- Pirzada Junaid Ahmad

Denmark exhibits a unique culture where the national flag, known by its local name 'Dannebrog', has become an everyday symbol used by Danes. In…

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