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Freedom of the press in Iceland during the Napoleonic wars

A drawing of several people inside a house. A man is reading from a book, with a woman standing behind him, looking down on the book. Everyone is gathered around a fire, and several other people are both standing and sitting down, listening to the story.
- Margrét Gunnarsdóttir

An international current affairs publication in Iceland (Minnisverð tíðindi or Noteworthy News) ran for eight years at the turn of the nineteenth…

European Community law in Denmark, 1973-1993

An open book
- Jonas Langeland Pedersen

When Denmark became a member of the European Community in 1973, European law was not high on its domestic agenda. It was first and foremost the…

The legal systems of the Nordic countries

Vestre Landsret in Denmark.
- Byron J. Nordstrom

Constitutions set out the rights of individuals living in the Nordic countries, enshrining fundamental principles, such as full equality before the…

USA's declaration on Danish sovereignty of Greenland, 1916

An ink pen
- Original sources

On 4th August 1916, the American government issued a declaration to the Danish government that it would not raise objections if Denmark extended its…

EEC referenda in Denmark and Norway, 1972

Map in various colours showing the growth of the now-called European Union, from the original six countries of the EEC to 28 members in 2019
- Democracy

Both Denmark and Norway held referenda on whether to join the European Economic Community in 1972. After Danes supported joining and Norwegians did…

The European Convention on Human Rights: Copenhagen Declaration 2018

Black and white photo of Copenhagen city's skyline
- Nicola Witcombe

The Copenhagen Declaration 2018 is a non-binding road map for the Council of Europe with respect to the European Convention on Human Rights. It was…

Solidaristic wage policy

a stack of gold coins on top of each other
- John Logue

Solidaristic wage policy refers to the practice, noticeably carried out in Sweden during the 1950s, of limiting wages in the most profitable sectors…