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Finland: Uncovering Nordic Myths of Homogeneity with Miika Tervonen

Headshot of man with beard in shirt and jacket.
- Miika Tervonen

Listen to a podcast on commonly held assumptions about state, homogeneity and migration in Finland.

Transnational interactions of Nordic disability activism, 1980-2000

People of all ages walking on a bridge together. Two elderly people on wheelchairs.
- Anna Derksen

In 1981, the United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) shed new light on the global situation of people with disabilities with the…

Racism in classic pieces of Nordic children's literature

Chess board with a single black piece in the middle of all the white pieces.
- Vibeke Sofie Sandager Rønnedal

Racial prejudice in many Nordic children’s classics can be overt or more subtly embedded. The republishing of some of these controversial books in…

Finnish Jewish intermarriage since 1917: intertwining religions and cultures

Jewish prenuptial agrement in Yiddish.
- Mercédesz Czimbalmos

International research has highlighted intermarriage as a key issue for Jewish communities and other minorities globally, particularly as it is clear…

Podcast: A brief history of Sámi literature

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- Lill Tove Fredriksen

Listen to 'A brief history of Sámi literature' in English or Finnish! This podcast is part of a series where existing material on nordics.info is read…

Interview: Living history in the borderlands of Germany and Denmark: 1864

Caroline Elisabeth Weber chairperson of the German-Danish Association in Kiel
- Caroline Weber

In this short video, Caroline Elisabeth Weber (M.A.) provides an account of the rich histories in the border area between Germany and Denmark that…

Uncovering intra-Nordic queer migration in the 20th century

Black and white picture of people running along hand in hand with trees in the background
- Ásta Kristín Benediktsdóttir

The view of the Nordic countries today as a place where LGBTIQ individuals and communities can enjoy equality overlooks intra-Nordic variation as well…

Interview: "we won't be silenced" - Sámi language and literature

Picture of interview Associate Professor in Sami literature in Norway
- Lill Tove Fredriksen

In this short video, Lill Tove Fredriksen, Associate Professor in Sámi Literature at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, discusses the Sámi language…

Bengt Olof Lennart Lindqvist (1936-2016)

Black and white portrait photograph of youngish man smiling.
- Anna Derksen

Bengt Lindqvist was a Swedish politician and an active member of Swedish and international disability organizations. He became deputy minister for…

Danish immigration policy, 1970-1992

Guest workers striking against forced redundancies in front of DA
- Astrid Elkjær Sørensen

In 1973, the Social Democrat government introduced an immediate stop to labour immigration because of growing unemployment. Immigration was, however,…