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2019.02.18 | Article, Anne Heith, Culture, Gender

1970s feminist culture in the Nordics

The feminist movement that flourished in the Nordic countries during the 1970s had strong roots in anti-capitalist, socialist ideology. It was powered by a host of social events, community building, artistic creation and political activism.

A Faroese stamp from 1976. Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

2019.02.18 | The Quick Read, Marc Pierce, Culture


A descendant of Old Norse, Faroese has had to contend with Danish but remains the principal language spoken and written in the Faroe Islands.

The cover of 'Racialization, Racism and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries', a recent book edited by Peter Hervik.

2019.02.11 | Article, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Culture, University of Oslo

Racism in the Nordic countries

Despite the fact that the Nordic countries were champions of racial equality in apartheid South Africa, and have always been quick to condemn racist transgressions elsewhere, racial prejudices are still practised among their own populations.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

2019.02.08 | Article, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Education, Culture, University of Oslo

Social sciences and the Nordics

Because of the emphasis on social planning and the strong state prevalent in the Nordic region throughout the twentieth century, the social sciences have enjoyed a privileged position in the Nordics.

'Refugees welcome' banner on display at Copenhagen Central Station in 2015.

2019.02.07 | The Quick Read, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Culture, University of Oslo

Anti-racism in the Nordic countries

Nordic governments have been known for their anti-racist policies abroad, but immigration since 1960s has led to debates on issues such as integration, the role of Islam, women’s rights in immigrant communities and so on. To many in the anti-racist movement, a call for equality is not sufficient, since it is often necessary to defend the right to…

The Norwegian Fredrik Barth, the most influential contemporary Nordic anthropologist. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

2019.02.07 | Article, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Education, Culture, University of Oslo

Anthropology and the Nordic countries

Anthropological studies contribute new knowledge on Nordic societies and simultaneously offer fresh perspectives on them.

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