Norway: Uncovering Gender and Branding in the Nordics with Eirinn Larsen

Listen to a podcast on how gender is used as a tool in branding the Nordics.

The Nordic countries are usually seen as much more gender-equal than just about anywhere else in the world. In this podcast, Eirinn Larsen business and gender historian and editor of Gender Equality and Nation Branding in the Nordic Region explains how gender is used as a tool for branding the Nordics. She also talks with Nicola Witcombe, editor of, about:

  • Women’s role in business from around 1900 to today.
  • Why we should question our love of ‘quick fix’ global indexes which often place the Nordics at the top.
  • The fact that there are usually other reasons for gender-positive action that have nothing to do with equality.

This is the ninth virtual visit around the Nordic countries in the podcast series ’The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region’. Eirinn is Professor in History at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo and project leader of Nordic Branding: The Politics of Exceptionalism. She spoke with Nicola over Zoom in May 2021.


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