Norway: Uncovering Nordic Childhood in an Online World with Elisabeth Staksrud

Listen to a podcast on the attitude to online risk of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics.

Children being exposed to a certain level of risk is not always seen as a bad thing in the Nordics; exposure can give children the tools to deal with risk and help them to become resilient and independent. The attitude of caregivers, teachers and children in the Nordics to online risk also reflects this approach - while elsewhere in the world a more stringent view is often taken. How we tackle children’s online lives and behaviours is rather complex and is influenced by the cultural norms of where you live, the role of schools, as well as how policymakers and classification institutions decide to regulate in the area.

This podcast addresses everything to do with children's online behaviour, taking Norway and a range of other Nordic and non-Nordic countries as examples. On the way, it answers the following questions:

  • Is screen time harmful per se?
  • How do we protect children from online harm?
  • How has Covid-19 and online teaching affected children’s online lives?
  • And what approaches are prevalent in the Nordic countries?

Join the editor of, Nicola Witcombe, on her virtual visit around the Nordic countries, this time to Elisabeth Staksrud, Professor in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo to discover the answer to these questions.


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More about the podcast series: ’The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region’
This podcast is part of a series to find the answers to big questions like: What is the state of the Nordics today? How do researchers investigate Nordic society and concepts? And smaller questions like: What leads people to research such a range of weird and wonderful subjects, and how is it done in practice? In the series, different researchers (from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the US) give listeners their take on subjects they have studied and researched for years. They also give an overview of key research areas and how this all plays into the development of society.
Elisabeth's podcast is the third in the series and next time it will be Gunnþórunn Guðmundsdóttir, Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of Iceland, who will be talking about Icelandic literature, Nordic Noir and how writers and cultural commentators frame the past - and how they help people to digest global crises.
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