Poul Reumert (1883-1968)

Poul Reumert was a famous Danish theatre actor who also appeared in silent movies such as Afgrunden (The Abyss, 1910) opposite Asta Nielsen.

Poul Reumert and Asta Nielsen in The Abyss (1910). Photo: Urban Gad (Public domain)

The Danish actor Poul Reumert was born in Copenhagen in 1883. He made his debut at the Royal Danish Theatre in 1902. He mainly performed at various theatres in Copenhagen in a number of modern and classical dramas and operettas, often playing opposite the renowned actress Bodil Ipsen (1889-1964). He was a remarkably talented theatre actor who also appeared in both silent films and sound films to modest acclaim.

Reumert  played opposite Asta Nielsen (1881-1972) in Urban Gad’s Afgrunden (The Abyss, 1910) which also marked the launch of her career as a star. Reumert continued working into his old age and was praised for his role in the television series Indenfor murene (1963) (Inside the walls) about a Jewish community.

The Reumert, a Danish theatre award, is named after the actor, while the film award Bodil is named after Bodil Ipsen and Bodil Kjer. Poul Reumert died in Copenhagen in 1968.


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