Uncovering the Nordic Model with Caroline de la Porte

Listen to a podcast on the difficulty of conceptualising the 'Nordic Model' when there is not just one model and many countries outside the Nordic region have similar traits.

Conceptualising the 'Nordic Model' is difficult. The Nordic countries are all different, and there is not just one model. Many countries outside the Nordic region have similar traits, so it is not necessarily only a ’Nordic’ model. So, can it really be a useful term? What is actually meant by it?

In this podcast, we find out more about the Nordic Model. Editor of nordics.info Nicola Witcombe interviews Caroline de la Porte, a European political economist and Professor at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business at Copenhagen Business School. 

Listen to this podcast if you are interested in finding out more about:

  • The characteristics of the Nordic Model;
  • Examples of policy successes and policy challenges in the Nordics;
  • The relationship between the Nordics and the EU;
  • The provision of universal services, like early years childcare.

This is the seventh virtual visit around the Nordic countries in the podcast series ’The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region’. Caroline and Nicola spoke over Zoom in April 2021.


Further reading:

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More about the podcast series: ’The Nordics Uncovered: Critical Voices from the Region’

This podcast is part of a series to find the answers to questions like: What is the state of the Nordics today? How do researchers investigate Nordic society and concepts? In the series, different researchers (from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the US) give listeners their take on subjects they have studied and researched for years. They also give an overview of key research areas and how this all plays into the development of society. Caroline's podcast is the seventh in the series and next time it will be Miika Tervonon, Senior Research Fellow at the Migration Institute of Finland.

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