Mini-lecture on the Danish welfare state

Even though the welfare state in the Nordics is under pressure and its design is continuously debated, it has rarely been more strongly supported in Danish history. Today, nearly all Danish political parties support the basic welfare society model, and they compete over who is best to secure it. Watch this mini-lecture and hear how, from a tentative start around 1900 to its development as a social democratic project in 1960s, the welfare state remains strongly accepted in Denmark.

A row of modern, brown-brick terrace houses with small front gardens in daylight.
From the period 1956-1970, the welfare state model that is known today in Denmark was established and public welfare benefits began to reach many different parts of society rather than just the weakest. Photo: Jason Vosper,

In this mini-lecture, historian Peter Yding Brunbech PhD provides an overview of the development and history of the Danish welfare state in Danish with English sub-titles. The video was produced by and was recorded in Aarhus University's assembly hall 'Aula'.

Mini Lecture - The Danish welfare state from (published on 19th March 2012) on Vimeo.


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