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Russian fans interacting with Nordic television series (the case of Shame)

This presentation is from a transdisciplinary research workshop entitled Nordic Noir, Geopolitics and the North held at Aarhus University in October 2018.

Shaped by public service broadcasting traditions which are rooted in providing social critique, Norden's dramatic television series - from Borgen to The Bridge to Occupied - provide a rich reservoir of representation of how the Nordic countries see themselves. The following videos are of academics from diverse disciplines investigating the geopolitical implications of the series within and beyond the region.  

The workshop where this presentation took place was supported by ReNEW (Re-imagining Norden in an Evolving World) which is turn is supported by NordForsk. The camera work was kindly done by Eline Cecilie Krarup and Lotte Kristensen, and edited by Lotte Kristensen.