Greenland: Uncovering National Dress and Symbolism with Rosannguaq Rossen

Listen to an interview with PhD in Arctic Studies Rosannguaq Rossen, and hear about the history of the West Greenlandic dress and a picture from 1862 showing two women wearing pearl beads around the neck for the first time.

This is the second podcast in the series on Greenland's art and history, where key researchers choose important objects or pieces of art and explain why they have been significant to them - both in their career and their lives.


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Texts and items referred to in this podcast:

  • Bibi Chemnitz
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  • Hans Egede, 1686-1758 (In Danish on
  • Hans Lynge, Nûk: hvad der i vore dage huskes fra Godthåbs fortid [Nuuk: what is remembered today from Godthåb's past] (1978).
  • H.J Rink, Inspector of South Greenland from 1855-1868.
  • Nikki Isaksen
  • Signe Rink (author and wife of H.J Rink)

Further reading: