Jonas Felbo-Kolding

Jonas Felbo-Kolding is postdoc at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business, Copenhagen Business School. Currently, his research focuses on the intersection between labour migration and industrial relations, having carried out research in such areas as labour-management cooperation, intra-EU labour migration, comparative welfare state and labour market models and non-standard employment. He has published in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (with Janine Leschke and Thees Spreckelsen) and in Economic and Industrial Democracy (with Anna Ilsøe). He is currently involved in the Nordforsk-financed collaborative project, ‘Reimaging Norden in an Evolving World’ (ReNEW) (2018-2023), and in the Norwegian Research Council financed project, ‘Moving Trades: Skill formation and the role of national vocational training in transnational European labour markets – an unsettled relationship? ’ (coordinator Fafo, Oslo University). You can read more about Jonas by clicking here .

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Is the bubble of the Nordic Model being shattered by persistent questions over universal welfare and outside forces? Picture: Denny Müller, unsplash.

2020.12.11 | Podcast, Caroline de la Porte, Jonas Felbo-Kolding, Nicola Witcombe, Governance, Globalisation, Public policy, Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus University

The Nordic Model at Risk?: Conversations on Regulation

An ageing population, immigration, tax evasion and incoming foreign workers are frequently cited as threats to the Nordic Model. The universal welfare state is built upon citizens and the state fulfilling their particular roles: the state providing childcare, healthcare and benefits in return for people working and paying their taxes (’the social…