Henrik Emilsson

Henrik Emilsson is a researcher at Malmö Institute for Migration Studies, at Global Political Studies, Malmö University. His research areas include labour migration, intra-EU mobility, and multilevel governance of integration. Henrik recently edited a special issue for Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (with Aija Lulle and Hania Janta) on European youth migration: human capital outcomes, skills and competences. Latest articles are ‘Intra-EU youth mobility, human capital and career outcomes: the case of young high-skilled Latvians and Romanians in Sweden’ in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2019) and ‘Dreaming of Sweden as a Space of Wellbeing: Lifestyle Migration Among Young Latvians and Romanians’, in Nordic Journal of Migration Studies (2019). He is currently involved in three international research projects: National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) (AMIF), Governance and the Local Integration of Migrants and Europe´s Refugees (GLIMER) (Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe), and Empowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions (MIMY) (Horizon 2020). You can read more about Henrik by clicking here.

Henrik was a participant in the podcast 'The Nordic Model at Risk?': Conversations on regulation.